Our Fabrication Process

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Arrow-wood Homes manages a network of qualified fabricators to provide the components of your timber frame, exterior panels, doors, windows and any other building elements we have contracted to supply.

Frames from newly-harvested wood are cut by precision computer-controlled timber frame machines at our western shop in British Columbia, or our eastern shop in Tennessee. Hand-cut frames out of salvaged or irregular materials are cut by timber frame crews located across the US & Canada. Matching wide-board flooring and T&G ceiling boards are available.

Arrow-wood Homes will fabricate and supply timber structures in many forms, and in the widest range of wood species. We offer log structures, squared-timber roof trusses and full timber frames, and scribed timber frames done with round timbers, including curved and irregular shapes such as English cruck frames and Japanese-style 'taiko' beams.

The most typical species used for frames are Douglas Fir, Eastern white pine, and white oak. Red oak, cypress, cedar and many other woods are also available. Contrasting details such as knee-braces and splines may be done in black cherry, walnut and other woods. We can even source detail pieces or whole frames cut in tropical woods that have been harvested in certified environmentally sound, low-impact ways.

Timber frame structures need to be enclosed, and the most common and energy-efficient way to do so is with SIPS (structural insulated panel systems) for both the walls and the roof. These panels of foam sandwiched between two sheets of OSB (oriented strand board) provide structural strength and extremely high R-values: typically R25 or more in walls and R40 or more in the roof. The panels can be supplied in 4 ft, 8 ft or 10 ft by 24 ft sections with all door and window openings pre-cut. You may choose to have T&G board or sheetrock pre-installed on the ceiling side for the roof, or sheetrock on the interior walls. This speeds the installation process enormously, and cuts down on labor.

SIPS (structural insulation panels) are ordered, fabricated and delivered from one of our selected SIPS partners across the country. This diversity of supply allows us to give you the best pricing and assurance of on-time delivery.

We have also partnered with a number of top quality suppliers of other major building components, so our complete package will include most of what a local contractor needs to finish construction.

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