Installation Services

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Arrow-wood will work closely with your you and your local general contractor (GC) to ensure that your site is ready when your timber frame and SIPS panels are delivered.

Our frame-raising supervisor will direct a raising crew and a crane operator to assemble and raise the timber frame in about a week, depending on size and complexity.

The SIPS panels arrive next, and a qualified panel crew will typically finish the exterior shell of the structure in one to two weeks. Finally, any other building components to be supplied by Arrow-wood will arrive and will be installed by the local GC when ready.

Exterior or decorative timber frame elements may require a short second visit, or may be installed by the general contractor at a later time.

For situations where you prefer not to manage and supervise the construction process with a local contractor yourself, we may be able to provide full construction project management services, including contractor supervision and cost control.

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